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Sorbitan Esters
The general molecular formula and weight of Sorbitan Esters are C24H44O6 and 428.60 g/mol. Our offered array is composed of 67.26% Carbon, 10.35% Hydrogen and 22.40% Oxygen. In general, the mentioned array appears to be yellow to amber in color with saponification value of 140 to 160 and Hydroxyl value of 193 to 215. This being the reason, the mentioned range finds usage as stabilizers, thickeners in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products.
Glycerol Esters
Also known by the name Glycerides or acylglycerols, our offered Glycerol Esters are obtained by esterifying the three hydroxyl groups of glycerol with fatty acids. The mentioned array of esters find usage as anti-stats, processing aids, de-foamers, lubricants, anti-fogging agents, plasticizers and dispersing aids and many more applications requiring bio-functional activities.
Glyceryl Stearate
Glyceryl Stearates are derived from the family of Monoacylglycerols that finds usage as an additive to be used in food stuff. Also known by the name glycerides, it includes chain of fatty acids that is covalently bonded with a glycerol molecule with the help of an ester linkage. The mentioned range can be availed in its purest form to fulfill the various requirements.
Glycol Esters
Glycol Esters are derived from the fatty acids and glycol esters using the process of esterification or transesterification with fats or oils. When produced using the process of transesterification, the mentioned range may include some residual mono and di glycerides. This process is later followed by the molecular distillation process for separating the mono esters.
Fatty Alcohol Esters
Our offered Fatty Alcohol Esters are obtained by carrying out a reaction between fatty alcohols and carboxylic acids. The alcohol esters possess a straight chain of primary alcohols with higher molecular weight. However, this range varies from four to twenty six carbons, which have been derived from the oil and fats.
High Polyol Esters
High Polyol Esters are derived from the mixture of an aliphatic mono-carboxylic acid that has been obtained from vegetable oil. Being naturally derived our offered array of esters is available in its highly pure form. These can be used for various applications such as functional fluids in machines, grease, lubricants and many more.
Fatty Amides
Our offered Fatty Amides help in rendering slip on the various surfaces of the resin products by enhancing the fluidity of fine powder like metallic and resin pellets. Apart from this, these amides also lowers the value of torque during the production of rubber and resin. Moreover, the mentioned range possess the highest melting point among its kind of derivatives.
Plastic Additives
We all are surrounded by plastic products and use them in our daily lives. Such products are manufactured using a polymer, which is blended with an essential material called additive. Plastic products cannot be imagined without the use of additives in them, as Plastic Additives are helpful in making them more safer, colorful, attractive, reliable and durable.
Alcohol Esters
Our offered Alcohol Esters possess the properties of alcohol and esters, as well. These properties include high water solubility, high viscosity and many more. Based upon such properties, the mentioned array of esters can be used as a plasticizer, a lubricant that possess excellent stability during oxidation within the water miscible area.

Polysorbates are frequently used as emulsifiers, solubilizers, and stabilizers in a wide range of sectors, including the food, cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. Sorbitan, a sugar alcohol derived from corn syrup, and ethylene oxide are used to create them. They are widely available at nominal rates.

Polymerised Emulsifiers
Polymerized Emulsifiers helps in conducting the process of emulsion polymerization. This results in the production of higher polymer weight at quick rates of polymerization. Due to the presence of mentioned emulsifiers, a tradeoff between rate of polymerization and molecular weight is conducted. The mentioned range also enables the minimum loss of temperature control during the polymerization process.
Esters are obtained from the carboxylic acids in which any hydrocarbon group substitutes the hydrogen. Although, these are highly polar in comparison to the Ethers, yet less polar when compared to alcohols. The mentioned range includes a carbonyl center that helps giving it rise up to 120 degrees OCO and CCO angles.
Polyethylene Glycols And Esters
Our offered Polyethylene Glycols And Esters are obtained during the occurrence of reaction between polyethylene glycol and fatty acid. Because of the emulsifying and solubility characteristics, the mentioned range of esters are known to be one of the best alternatives to Nonylphenol Ethoxylates. It acts as an emulsifier during the production of polymer latex.
Wetting And Dispersing Agent

Wetting And Dispersing Agent have surfactants that are frequently used in a variety of industries to enhance the performance of liquid formulations. The choice of the agent depends on the particular application and the liquid's characteristics, but both can enhance the performance and stability of liquid formulations.

Isopropyl Myristate

Isopropyl Myristate is made by combining isopropyl alcohol and myristic acid, a fatty acid present in coconut oil and other vegetable fats. It is a transparent, colorless liquid frequently used in various fields, such as cosmetics, drugs, and personal care products. The emollient and lubricating qualities of this make it a useful ingredient.

Anti Foaming Agent

Anti-Foaming Agent is used to stop or slowing down the formation of foam in liquid products. Foam can be a problem in a variety of industrial processes, including the production of chemicals, the treatment of wastewater, and the processing of food and other substances. sectors, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Its viscosity and melting point typically rise as its molecular weight does as well.

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